Two great guys!


Been on a number of trips with Wil and Nick and can not say enough on how great they are!!  Can not think of one thing they could have done better!!  Two great guys!!

Frank and Darlene

August 2016, email


I love this destination

I've written several reviews on Trip Advisor.  And I've attached a photo from yesterday's trip to Bulls Island.  This is why I love your destination, plus your staff are incredible.

Jim T.

May 2016, Email



The Captain and Crew Made the Trip

Wonderful trip on a beautiful, but hot day.  The captain/guide and his crew were all great and pleasant to be with.  The history of the area and refuge was superb and extremely interesting even thought brother and I worked there when the introduce the red wolves. 

My brother Jack, who lived in the Dominick House,  helped take care of the wolves and together with DNR and other USFWS employees helped to recapture the wolves when they swam to the mainland.  They (2 of them) were captured using a helicopter and DNR & USFWS employees in less than one day.  It was an experience I will NEVER forget.  At the time George Garris was refuge manager and the office/ visitor center was a trailer.

The Captain and his crew made the trip.  The information on the wildlife was very interesting and imformative.  They were ALL friendly, like family.

Tell them we appreciate their professionalism and coutesy.  I will tell all my friend about how great your service is.

Thanks again for a great outing.

Patrick H.
July 2016


Bulls Island is a Must Do Trip

The ferry ride over allows for a naturalist guided tour through the estuary. The passion and knowledge is evident during the entire journey. The island itself offers many areas of biodiversity to explore and engage with while there. We took our bikes so that we could see more of the area. 80% of the biking was fine, the other 20% through the sand was a well worth it work out. Take the time to get away from the regular site seeing and walk the path less traveled. You will be richly rewarded by the sights, sounds and experiences available on Bulls Island.

March 2016, TripAdvisor


Wil and Nick

Just want to tell you what a fine job Will and Nick did on the Ferry trip we just took to Bulls Island.  Both were most accommodating and friendly. Will had an endless store of knowledge about all things and all questions that were asked were answered.  He and Nick are GREAT!!

Thanks for a great experience and we will definitely recommend it to our friends.

Dave and Romaine Bata

PS The reason we went there of course was because of the name Cape Romain but we came away with a real appreciation for the area.

March 2016, Email


Bulls Island Trip

1st Mate Nick and Cap't. Richard were wonderful guides. Nick was fun and engaging with his talks to and from the island and was helpful in choosing our walking path. Did not give them five stars because we were instructed to be at the pier 1/2 hr. before our departure time, and then we stood there for a half hour in the heat and sun instead of letting us wait on the ferry. The island itself is definitely for nature lovers....bring heavy duty bug spray! Lots of walking...only one bathroom facility and bring your own food IN AND OUT! Definitely a great find!

June 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Can’t Wait to Go Back!

I took my father, brother and sister out for a day trip to Bulls Island this past Father's Day weekend. We had a great time roaming the trails. The highlight was definitely spending a few hours on Boneyard Beach. The setting was peaceful and beautiful and it was like having a beach all to ourselves! We were definitely hot, sweaty, thirsty and covered with a few bug bites by the end, but very satisfied with our experience. Our captain and first mate (Will and Nick) were very knowledgeable and personable. We really enjoyed learning about the estuary and the different animals that call it home. I will be coming back next chance I get! With lots of water and bug spray this time!

June 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Day Trip to Bulls Island

My husband and I signed up to do the day trip to Bulls Island. We brought our beach cruisers and boarded the ferry at 9am. It was a blazing hot day, so after a couple miles on Bulls Island, I thought we'd be taking the first ferry back to the mainland at noon. Then we reached Boneyard Beach. It was beautiful and we had the place to ourselves! We decided to stay the whole day instead of returning to the ferry at noon. We brought our swimsuits and spent 2-3 hours at the beach swimming, collecting shells, and exploring. On our bike ride back to the dock, we saw an alligator on the path and black squirrels. It was a nice getaway on Bulls Island. The tour guides were knowledgeable and the whole process was very organized. We definitely hope to get the opportunity to return again in the future!

June 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Day Trip to Bulls Island

This was the best day off or trip to Charleston as far as I'm concerned. The boat left promptly at 9am.On the trip over the guide pointed out various birds and other wildlife we saw. He also gave a brief history of the area. Also on board he had various shells and skeletal parts of various animal and fish that he used during his talk. He was able to answer everyone's questions without a problem. 

We spent the day on the island walking the beach all the way up to a place called The Bone Yard. This was a very unique area of the island the likes of which I've never seen before. Bring lots of water because it was about 100 degrees on the day we were there, but on the beach there is a nice ocean breeze that makes it nice.

June 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Fun and Educational Adventure!

We went on the sunrise expedition and enjoyed ourselves immensely! Captain Will and First Mate Nick were excellent tour guides, sharing information and stories that enhanced the trip. We will definitely be going back!

June 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Bulls Island Ferry Ride

This was our first time taking a ferry to Bulls Island. I did not expect it to be more than a boat ride. We were given an incredible education about Cape Romain and the eco system surrounding us on both legs of the trip. They even stopped the commute so we could enjoy the pods of dolphin surrounding the ferry. I highly recommend the trip for both the ferry ride and the beautiful island.

June 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Coastal Expeditions

Great trip! We went for the shelling and had much success. Pack appropriately for the day: very hot weather needs plenty of water and sunscreen! Walking needs sturdy comfy shoes! This is a wildlife refuge, not a human resort. If you're not willing to give up any creature comforts to study creatures, then stay home or go to Ripleys Aquarium! I wish the guides had emphasized "take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints." A few shells were allowed to be taken from the island, but the cigarette butts thrown in the ocean were surely not acceptable! Overall, we enjoyed it the trip. There is nothing to do but enjoy nature. Don't expect video arcades, gift shops, food vendors. It's you and the island inhabitants. The naturalist will educate you, and the boat captain will transport you back and forth safely (while demonstrating his "dolphin call"--it worked!!!) We will definitely go back again (with a tent or large umbrella and more snacks and water--and sunscreen!)

June 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Bulls Island Ferry

Absolutely amazing place. Only suggestion is to maybe have ferry run into between the 12 n 4. We went at 9am, def didn't have time to catch the 12 ferry so stay til 4...but we were done n ready to head back by 2.

June 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Best of the Best

Captain Chris and First mate Olivia were the best guides you could ask for. Our trip was very well organized and went smoothly from the start. The ride to the Island was very enjoyable and informative. Olivia was very knowledgeable of the area and its Eco system. She gave us information about the wildlife and I learned much that day. We also saw Dolphins. What a treat. It was very hot so having about 4 hours to explore made it easier. We took our time walking and enjoying the beautiful beach, finding incredible shells and taking photos of nature at its best. I will take this trip again hopefully in the fall. Thanks Olivia and Chris.

June 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Lighthouse Island Trip

GREAT! I recommend this tour to anyone. My boyfriend and I did this tour and was well worth the money. It's a very exclusive tour of an island that's home to two decommissioned lighthouses. They only do these tours 4 times a year, so you must book well in advance.

June 2015, Trip Advisor Review


Bulls Island Dominick House Trip

Chris:  Here are a few "captured moments" from our trip to Bulls Island last weekend [He gave Chris two framed photos]. Just know that we all admire your efforts to educate and preserve this amazing ecosystem. It is clearly your passion and life's calling.  May you continue your successful effort to share this with others that appreciate and understand you and your company's sacrifices and dedication!  
With much admiration, 
May 2015


Nature at its Finest

I took my mom on the Bulls Island Tour for her birthday. We had great weather for her special day. There is plenty to explore on the island and the beach is the perfect place to walk or bike. Bring a picnic lunch and set up camp on the beach or at one of the many picnic tables available.
May 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Fun Adventure

I like the unexpected, so this trip to Bull's Island was fun because you had no way of knowing what you might see. Not from the area, the 30 min ride to the island was fun, just to get on the water and see the area from a different perspective than a car. Everything was very professional - from the very informative website to the safe, well maintained boat. Guide was informative. We were lucky enough to see alligators, turtles, snakes, black squirrels, cool birds and lots of bugs. Our visit was plagued with bird size horseflies. I did get bitten by mosquitos, but applying 40%DEET lotion kept the bugs and even the horseflies at bay. Recommendations to wear close toed shoes and long sleeve shirt/pants were primarily for bugs. With the bug spray/lotion and sunscreen you can get by just fine with shorts and short sleeves. I was hoping it would be much cooler and windier on the island, but not so. Was just as hot and humid as the mainland.

If you want to do Boneyard Beach, the 2.5 hours alotted on shore to catch the noon ride back is barely enough time, but sticking around 'til the next one at 4 would be too much. They really need another mid afternoon return ferry about 2. Boneyard Beach was worth it to me, but I didn't get to see much else of the island and didnt get to spend nearly as much time as I wanted to at the Beach. If I had time, I would schedule a private tour.


May 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Bulls Island Overnight

Bulls Island is an amazing place and being able to spend the weekend there was an unforgettable experience. I am a photographer and the boneyard beach is amazing. Our guides for the weekend were Chris, Olivia and Rachael. Every detail of this trip was well thought out. The food was wonderful, the sunset cruises every night, the daytime hikes. Chris is very knowledgeable about Bulls Island and was a wonderful guide. I would definitely recommend this trip and I plan to go back in 2016.

May 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Beach Drop at Bulls Island

Our group had a marvelous time at the beach drop. We brought our own lunch and beach chairs along with swim suits and towels. Of course, there is no place to change and you are very isolated on the island but it is beautiful, rustic, scenic, natural, and primitive. Walking along the beach and collecting shells was fun. We also enjoyed the informative tour given by our guide on the way to the island.

May 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Bulls Island

Bulls Island in Cape Romaine is one of my favorite places - Heaven on earth. Boneyard beach is an unforgettable experience. There are plenty of sand dollars and whelk shells to share. The Bulls Island ferry guides really are knowledgeable, polite, and friendly. It is located between Charleston and Georgetown, SC and a great half or full day getaway.

May 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Loved it!

Bulls Island is fantastic. The ferry ride was excellent and well-organized. Everything was exactly what we had hoped it would be. Highly recommend!

May 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Bulls Island

I almost hate to review Bulls Island because it is such a truly unspoiled, untrampled area full of amazing wildlife. Hopefully it won't get overrun with eager tourists! The flat boat ferry ride to the island and back is an experience in itself. Although I've been about 10 times, I always learn something new from the fascinating lectures by the naturalist or captain on the local environment and wildlife. Saw dolphins, loggerhead turtle and alligator up close this trip. Heavenly, heavenly. Can't wait to go back again.

May 2015, TripAdvisor Review



This was the first time I had been to Boneyard Beach. I had looked at everything on Coastal Expeditions on their website. I wanted to get pictures at this amazing beach. Captain Will was full of information and more than happy to answer all of my questions. My first step on the beach I was in awe. It far exceeded my expectations. The pictures I had taken don't compare to how beautiful it was. I want to thank everyone at Coastal Expeditions for a very memorable experience. I will be back for another trip very soon. Thank you for all you do. 

May 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Bulls Island Dominick House Overnight

Amazing wildlife and scenery. Attentive knowledgeable guides. Highly recommend for photographers, beach lovers, birders.

May 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Ferry Trip to Bulls Island in South Carolina

Both captain of ferry(seats about 35) and naturalist guide -Richard and Nick-were competent, pleasant (even funny), timely , and helpful. The island is beautiful with a spectacular interior fresh water pond with all kinds of birds. We did the half day -next time will pack lunch and spend the day . Several miles of walking trails well kept. Clean bathroom. Great ferry ride. Highly recommend!

May 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Everything Fabulous and More!

A perfect day... Mother Nature cooperated with a cloudless sky, 72F and light breezes. Our guide Nick and Captain were fountains of information on the ride to Bull Island and back. We hiked the beautiful trails - more hiking than we'd done in a while - but always found a lovely spot to stop, take pictures and reboot. And the alligators were a highlight for 8 year old Miss Em... in the water, beside the water and right in the middle of the path! We followed Nick's instructions and calmly walked around these gentle giants. Our time on the beach and picture expedition to Boneyard Beach was a highlight... what a magnificent place. We'll be back to do more exploring for sure! Sara, Cathy and Emily (Canada)

May 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Don’t Miss This

If you are visiting Charleston or are local, take this unique excursion to Bull Island. It is the most gorgeous and fascinating place here in SC. The ferry crew of Coastal Expeditions are extremely professional and extremely knowledgeable. It is truly the best 40 dollars you will ever spend. Skip that day of shopping and book this trip to South Carolina's only Class 1 wilderness area. You will not regret it.

May 2015, TripAdvisor Review



If you are interested in wildlife, you can't get any wilder than walking amongst the alligators. The beach is pristine and almost all yours, especially on our trip.

May 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Alligators and More

My husband and I have been visiting Charleston for 30 years, but never visited Bull's Island until this April 2015. Our 13 year old nephew suggested we visit and we are so glad he did. We hired a guide to walk us around the island and he did a wonderful job. By the time we got back to the mainland, we had identified over 35 shore birds that we don't see in Michigan along Lake Erie. But, the highlight was walking around the many alligators that were sun bathing. Nick, our guide said it was safe. I trusted him as he said he had been doing tours for over 5 years and he still had his legs and arms.

Don't miss this opportunity if you visit Charleston. Pack a picnic lunch, plenty of water, and stay for the whole day.

April 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Alligators Galore!

My wife & I went to Bulls Island (BI) in April 2015. Great trip if you like outdoors stuff. You can only get to BI by boat which means that the island is not crowded with tourists. If you go, take the Beach Road and go to the beach, turn left and walk a mile or so to the boneyard, which is the name given to the northeast end of the island where the sea is washing the land away and the trees are dying in the surf. Impressive. If it's a sunny day, you will probably encounter alligators, plural, sunning themselves on the dike between 2 ponds on Beach Road. The bigger gators don't want to move and they often don't. So you'll have to sidle by on the other side of the road. On BI, you'll be up close & personal with more alligators than you ever imagined. I've heard there are more than 800 on the island, and it's not that big an island. I'm not that interested in birds but, if you are, there are an incredible number of birds on the island. I suggest you take along the best camera and pair of binoculars you have. We saw a bald eagle in the front yard of the Dominick House where we spent the weekend but my point and shoot camera didn't do the eagle justice. One word of caution: take along some good insect repellent and use it liberally. BI is a barrier island and swampy in parts. If you're prepared, the mosquitos are manageable. If you're not, as I wasn't the first day when I got 50 bites, they can make you miserable. All in all, a great trip. The staff, Gates, Olivia and Rachel were the best. Totally recommend this trip. If you take it, it'll be one you won't forget.

April 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Bulls Island Ferry Trip- a MUST!

My husband, daughter (9) and I took Coastal Expeditions ferry out to Bull Island and had an amazing trip. We had a great guide - Nick! - who pointed out the highlights during the 30 minute ride to the island. Once there we jetted to the beach to see the boneyard (just an FYI - no guide once you're on the island). The paths were clearly labeled and easy to navigate (even for us city folk). We made it to the boneyard in about 50 minutes. We took a million pictures and soaked up the beauty. We were able to make it back for the noon ferry but we could have stayed until 4:00. We really just went to see the boneyard so didn't explore much else of the island though we did see plenty of alligators on the way (which was a lot less scary than I was expecting :)).

April 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Weekend on Bulls Island

I just returned from a weekend (Fri - Sun) trip to Bulls Island, staying at the Dominick House on the island. The weather could have been a little better, but other than that the entire trip was OUTSTANDING from beginning to end. Our naturalist guide for the weekend, Gates, was very knowledgeable of not only the island's flora and fauna but also of the surrounding area, as well as being very personable and entertaining. The other two Coastal Expedition staff members, Rachael and Olivia, were also very knowledgable, friendly and professional. The accommodations in the Dominick House were excellent, and our meals were very well prepared, consisting of local seafood, fresh vegetables and salads. I would highly recommend this adventure to other nature lovers or anyone just wanting to get away from the city or suburbia and enjoy a beautiful, unspoiled barrier island. (Submitted by Steve T)

April 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Bulls Island Ferry

Great experience! Few mosquitos, many gators, excellent birding..... missed Boneyard beach, but will return in the future.

April 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Bulls Island

Absolutely stunning!!!!! Dolphins, alligators, Bald eagle, osprey, snakes, frogs , Marsh, beach .... Oh a FEW mosquitoes. Boneyard beach was an art sculpture with crashing waves. A must do while in South Carolina. Best beach I have ever been on!

April 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Bulls Island Ferry, Cape Romain NWR, South Carolina

My wife and I took the Bull's Island Ferry this past Saturday morning. This is a service of Coastal Expeditions and includes a discussion of the ecology of Bull's Island and the surrounding tidal ecosystem. Captain Will and Mate Nick provided an excellent, entertaining
presentation on these topics, as well as on the wildlife that we viewed enroute to the island, and also on the return voyage later in the day. Tha Coastal Expeditions staff on this trip were outstanding and added to the memorable experience of hiking and birding on this beautiful
island wildlife refuge.

April 2015, TripAdvisor Review


Awesome Job


Just wanted to let you know we had a GREAT time today on the Bulls Island Beach Drop.   Captain Wil did an awesome job and it was worth the four hours we drove through storms to get there!

Rex and Hazel Gerlinger


Bulls Island


We went to Bulls Island on Saturday, March 19 with Captain Wil and Zach.  It was a beautiful day and a wonderful trip.  We're writing because Capt. Wil did a marvelous job of creating enthusiasm and teaching many levels of interest about our amazing Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge.  He is knowledgeable, funny, responsive and careful.  Thanks so much for making this experience possible to so many.  Best wishes,

Cameron and Gus Speth


Road Trip from SC to MA


I'm in the middle of a road trip from South Carolina to Massachusetts, stopping at the east coast wildlife refuges along the way.  Yesterday, I went to Bulls Island with Capt. Wil and I just wanted to say how amazing it was!  Wil was incredibly knowledgeable and really charming.  He taught us so much on the way out there and the way back.  We saw dolphins (and many other animals) on the way there; I've never seen a dolphin!  Then there was the island itself, which completely blew me away.  I saw 25 or so alligators, a snake, countless birds, and I'm speechless about Boneyard Beach.  The whole thing was so great I could go home without seeing another refuge and it will still be worth it.  Thank you to Wil and all of you guys for the trip!  I hope I make it back down here some time to do it all over again.

Danielle S, 2011


Bulls Island

My wife and I took the Bulls Island Ferry to Bulls Island last week, and we wanted to let you know that we truly appreciated your enthusiasm for your job and educating us on the area.  Having grown up on Cape Cod, I was actually embarrassed to realize how little I knew about some of the shellfish, etc. that I had grown up seeing all the time.  Bulls Island was truly beautiful and along with the usual alligator photos, I was able to photograph what I am sure was the tracks of a wolf.  Thanks again for  a truly memorable trip.  

Orren & Frankie, 2010