No joke-- When Mary was a young girl, she wrote in a school journal that she wanted to grow up and own a kayak company. She'll deny it if you ask her, but it sounds to us like she's on a heartpath.  

She's the one that keeps everything going at Coastal Expeditions and we feel lucky that this wanderlust found her way from Washington state all the way to Charleston (and now, New Orleans).  An animal lover, Mary's home is filled with a dog, a snake, a rabbit and a tankful of fishes.

FAVORITE COASTAL EXPEDITIONS TRIP:  The Sunrise Photo Trip to the Boneyard Beach on Bulls Island is by far my favorite trip. It's exciting to me to ride the boat and then cross the island in the dark. (Plus, the McClellanville Diner is open and waiting to make me pancakes when I get back.)
MOST EXTRAORDINARY PLACE YOU'VE VISITED: Anghor Wat Temples in Cambodia. Also for the sunrise trip. Tour guides arrive at your hostel in the dark and whisk you away on a tuk tuk (i.e. rickshaw) down long quiet dirt roads in the dark, until you get to these amazing ruins (that moonlighted in Tomb Raider btw)  with a pool around it that reflects the temples as the sun rises. You're surrounded by photographers that have come from all over the world for that same moment.  Pretty magical.  
FAVORITE ANIMAL:  Caretta caretta, Loggerhead Sea Turtle.  Of course.
BEST PART ABOUT WORKING FOR COASTAL EXPEDITIONS: The people I work with. Hands down, its why I come to work. My friends here are brilliant, and my job is to make people happy by helping them connect with nature. What a great mission.