A plant pathologist and horticulturalist by training, Kari helps with marketing and web design for Coastal Expeditions.  Although she's a scientist with an analytical way of thinking, she loves the creativity that comes with her position at Coastal Expeditions.  She is proud that Coastal Expeditions is a company on a heartpath, fulfilling a mission of environmental education and stewardship.  Olivia, Kari and Chris's daughter gets most of her attention day-to-day (Kari's favorite job!).


FAVORITE COASTAL EXPEDITIONS TRIP:  Bulls Island.  Every time I go on the dike that separates the ocean from Jack's Creek, a freshwater impoundment, I think that it could be somewhere in Africa.  The panoramic views, the variety of birds and the whole feeling makes you  feel like you just stumbled into a place that is undiscovered.  It makes me feel grateful.
MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE YOU'VE VISITED: Frenchboro Island, Maine.  I've never seen a landscape like that.  It's cool, green, clean.  And the ocean is so big there. 
FIVE FAVORITE BIRDS:  Black Skimmer | Cedar Waxwing | Blue Jay | White Pelican | Cardinal
FAVORITE SEAFOOD: Creek shrimp caught with a cast net.  Saute them with the shell on in some butter and garlic. 
BEST PART ABOUT WORKING FOR COASTAL EXPEDITIONS: It's my family's business.  And our in-house motto is "let's keep doing the next right thing."  It feels great to be working with a group of people that are on their heart paths, educating kids, exposing people to the beauty of the Lowcountry, showing them a dolphin feeding in an estuary.  It's fantastic.