Henry Brandt

A true Southern boy, Henry was born in Savannah, raised in North Carolina, grew up in Charleston, and completed his Bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. His fondness for the sport of kayaking was fueled by a trip to Patagonia under the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), and has since traveled across the country, exploring in the great national parks and forests. Henry is the manager of our Folly Creek Outpost and he looks forward to seeing you on the water!


FAVORITE COASTAL EXPEDITIONS TOUR TO LEAD:  A Sunrise Kayak Tour on Folly Creek.  Especially if coincides with a full moon.  You get to see the moon on one side of you while the sun rises on the other side.  It's one of the coolest natural phenomenons you can see out at Folly.  But also you get to experience the lowlight sensations like hearing dolphins breathe at that early morning hour.  And everyone loves that the tour ends early enough for them to still have their day and eat breakfast at Lost Dog Cafe.  
FAVORITE ANIMAL TO SEE ON TOUR: Out at Folly, the Bottlenose Dolphins are full-time residents in the creek and great to see; There are just so many of them.  And I love the Black Skimmers quite a bit.  On tour, its always fun to witness Bonnethead Sharks feeding along the edges of the creeks in the summer.  It's rare to see them compared with the mammalian air-breathers so its exciting to see them. 


TELL US ABOUT THE SOUTH CAROLINA OUTDOOR EDUCATION PROGRAM:  It provides us an opportunity to take school child out via kayak and through our ferry service.  Its gratifying to be able to teach them about the elements of the saltwater estuary and coastal conservation.  It serves our mission statement of environmental education and, really, we're just using kayaking as a vehicle to introduce that message.  And what better way to do it than to start them at an age when they are open to the ideas.
WHY DO YOU LIKE WORKING AT COASTAL EXPEDITIONS? After high school graduation, following my expedition to Patagonia, I started working for Coastal Expeditions.  And after I finished college, I came back to Coastal Expeditions and picked up where I left off.  Honestly, when I think about the kind of job I would want when I retire, this is what I imagine. This is the kind of life I would want to have if I didn't have to work.  I always get to see new things, its always changing. I get to take people out there and I have a 3-hour window to get them to fall in love with an area. One of the coolest things is when they get off the water and they really feel it.