Born and raised here in South Carolina, Caroline is no stranger to humid summers, college football, and thick southern drawls. In 2008, at age 17, she moved to and fell in love with the Holy City, and has since made Charleston her home. While attending the College of Charleston, Caroline studied the brains of marine mammals, including dolphins, seals, and manatees. As her fascination with these animals grew, her interest in protecting them and their habitats did the same. As a result, she is proud to be a part of the Coastal Expeditions team, dedicated to education and conservation of the Carolinas' beautiful marine habitats.

Read her Buzzfeed post from April 2016: "Why I'm Honest with Kids About Our Species," an essay about her role as an environmental education at Coastal Expeditions.

FAVORITE COASTAL EXPEDITIONS TOUR:  My absolute favorite paddle is on Echaw Creek, leaving from Pitch Landing and paddling out onto the Santee. Bald Cypress and Tupelo trees provide beautiful overhang, the peacefulness and quiet is unbelievable considering it's just an hour or so from downtown Charleston, and of course you can't beat an opportunity to view wildlife in a natural setting like that. 
FAVORITE WILDLIFE TO SEE ON TOUR: I have always been an animal lover, so any close encounter turns me into an overly excited 12 year old. That being said, few things elicit this type of reaction quite like the manatees that come visit us in the warmer summer months. I don't spot them nearly as often as I'd like, but when I do I'll sit and stare at the water for as long as it takes to see them come up again.
BEST PART ABOUT WORKING AT COASTAL EXPEDITIONS: Coastal Expeditions is like a big family of fun, goofy people who all happen to be extremely passionate about the same thing. It is often very hard work, but it's hard work that I get to do in the sunshine alongside my best friends while sharing my favorite places with new people every day. I doubt it gets much better than that.