"The coastal zone, says Anne, is rich in both variety and abundance. People seem to appreciate it most fully when they immerse themselves in the estuaries, bays, rivers, and creeks where land meets sea. One of the best ways to be there without disturbing anything is by kayak."

In this article from Southern Living ("Easy Does It: Kayaking Coastal Waters"), Anne summed up our mission in the most eloquent way.  And we work to keep her vision going by using kayaks as our primary means of taking people to beautiful places to witness nature.  

It was nearly 25 years ago that Anne Gould brought sea kayaking to Charleston.  From the public landing on Shem Creek, she would take people into the Charleston Harbor and teach them about bottlenose dolphins, pelicans, oysters and the delicate dynamics at play in the surrounding estuary.  You can see the impact that she has made on the Lowcountry, as now there are several outfitters offering kayaking services, paddling clubs, meet-up groups and weekend warriors that enjoy the sport.

Through the leadership of Chris Crolley, Anne's first employee (and mentee), Coastal Expeditions has expanded to three on-water kayaking locations in the Lowcountry, while continuing the vision that Anne developed in 1992. 


*By the way, you can find Anne on the Edisto River at Carolina Heritage Outfitters. She and her husband Scott Kennedy own and operate those mythical treehouses that you've heard about and always wanted to stay in.   She also created the incredible Coastal Expeditions Map.  

Our mission is to share the intricacies of the local ecosystem to enrich, educate and develop advocates for the environment