The South Carolina Map for Boaters and Paddlers

While the Coastal Expeditions Map doesn't replace a chart for expeditions, we bring this map on every trip that we lead. They are tucked in the visors of our vehicles, packed into our gear and stowed in our kayaks. 

This comprehensive map is unique in that it overlays roads with the intricate network of rivers, streams, creeks and estuaries that weave together to form the South Carolina coastline (and up to 80 miles inland).  You can use this map to find a put-in or marine along a waterway and then plan your route, from doorstep to put-in, from put-in to exit and back home again.

Created by the founder of Coastal Expeditions, Anne Goold, this map is the most comprehensive resource for the coastal waterways of South Carolina.  Covering the entire coastline and up to 80 miles inland, this map gives accurate locations of public and private boat landings, fishing piers, camp sites and kayak/canoe put-ins.  As the favored map of power boaters and paddlers, this map gives detailed information about coastal roads, rivers, creeks and lakes allowing you to plan your outing easily.

Only $14.95, this map is indispensable for anyone that boats, kayaks or canoes.  You can find it with us, or at coastal retail stores like Half-Moon Outfitters, Barnes & Noble and the Sewee Outpost.

Two-sided; Unfolds to 30x44 inches.



Maps can be mailed upon request.  Call the office at (843) 884-7684 for more information or place an order by mail.

To order by mail, please send a check for $16.20 (includes postage) to:
Coastal Expeditions
514-B Mill Street
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464


If you would like to purchase maps for resale, contact our office. Wholesale orders are in batches of 25 maps and come with point-of-sale map holder.