Kayak Safety Class
Kids and families kayaking in Charleston with dolphins

The creeks and estuaries that weave through the Lowcountry make it a wonderful place to kayak on your own.  While our guides work hard to make kayaking look easy, it requires skill and knowledge in order to have a safe outing.  We regularly offer free community outreach classes at our Shem Creek campus.   Senior guides share information about basic safety, float plans, kayak routes and more.  Find out more


Since 2012, over 12,000 middle school students have kayaked and hiked in places like Shem Creek, the Black River and Bulls Island though the South Carolina Outdoor Education Program!  By getting students into the natural world, they make environmental connections and are exposed to new skills.  Through the generous support of the Butler Conservation Fund, schools in South Carolina are able to participate free of charge, making this program available to lower income communities.  And we get just as much out of it as the students.

Folly Doggy Paddle

Every summer, we host a day of free kayak and SUP rentals for you and your beloved dogs to benefit Pet Helpers on James Island.  In exchange for dog & cat food, leashes, bowls, towels and other needed items, you can set off from our Folly Creek Outpost with (or without!) your furry friends.  

If you'd like to participate, keep an eye out for the Summer 2016 date!  And if you don't have a donation that day, you can pay for a rental and we'll give 100% to Pet Helpers.    2015 Event Recap

Sea Turtle Project in Cape Romain

Every summer, thousands of Loggerhead Sea Turtle nests are laid in Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge.  Due to the efforts of countless volunteers and refuge biologists over the last 30 years, Cape Roman has become the most significant nesting site for sea turtles on the Eastern seaboard north of Florida.  

Through Beach Drops, Island Hikes with Bob Raynor and outings with naturalists like Patrick McMillan, Coastal Expeditions donates funds and materials to the ongoing efforts in Cape Romain.  Every years, thousands of dollars are raised through these educational outings with 100% of the monies raised being donated to the refuge.

Crab Bank Clean Up

Now in it's 23rd year, we offer a volunteer opportunity to help keep Crab Bank Heritage Preserve clean for the thousands of nesting birds that occupy this island in the summers. Twice a year, in early March and late November, we provide kayaks, trash bags and boat support for volunteers to kayak to the island and clean off the debris that accumulates.  Thousands of pounds of trash have been removed from the island since we started this project!

If you would like to participate in a creek sweep or beach sweep, we offer several every year.  Sign up for our newsletter to find out upcoming dates; These opportunities fill quickly.

Special Olympics Kayak Team

In 2015, Eric Mills was asked to help officiate a kayak race at James Island County Park for the Special Olympics.  His heart became attached to this group and he volunteered to become a coach for the team.  Well, all of our hearts followed, and we had a kayak outing for the team and their supporters in October 2015.  We're looking forward to hosting the team at our Shem Creek Campus in 2016 and coaching these athletes!

At each of our community Kayak Safety Classes, we collect donations for the team!

Over the Horizon

Charleston Country Schools and the refuge management in Cape Romain developed this program for students from Wando High School and Burke High School as a way to bridge the gap between these students.  While on Bulls Island, students learn about the history of the area, Gullah culture and get a look into the natural beauty of the refuge.  Coastal Expeditions provides the ferry service and guides for this island exploration.  It's one of the best events we get to help facilitate!

Read more here

Creek & Beach Sweeps

We're out on the creeks, rivers and estuaries throughout the Lowcountry every day. And unfortunately, while we're out seeking pristine environments unmarred by the hands of man, we see our impact all over.  River landings, creek sides and beaches are littered with balloons, styrofoam, metal cans, cigarette butts and unimaginable items.  Throughout the year, we pick different areas to clean up and get the community to provide the muscle!

Sign up for our newsletter to find upcoming dates.  If you have a group that wants to volunteer, please give us a call!

Center for Birds of Prey Supporter
Birds of Prey Charleston

There are a many groups that we like to support in the Lowcountry and beyond.  One of our heartpaths has led us to the Birds of Prey and the work that they do to help raptors and other avian types.  We've brought in hurt birds (including a Bald Eagle!) to the clinic, volunteered at the center and donate funds and resources to their cause.  

If you are in the area, please make a visit to this incredible campus! 

Our mission is to share the intricacies of the local ecosystem to enrich, educate and develop advocates for the environment

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    Share our passion for the local ecosystem and history with the community, students and visitors through our kayak and boating tours.

    Focus on environmental education through Island Quest field trips, Young Naturalist Kayak Camp and the South Carolina Outdoor Education Program to create a lifelong appreciation for the world around us.

    Find innovative ways to work with environmental groups to facilitate preservation and conservation for our lands, waters, wildlife and heritage

    Provide access to waterways for people to easily participate in the lifetime sports we offer, increasing the quality of life for our community

    Set a culture that creates a safe and fun work environment, continuing eduction, certification opportunities, fair living wages and options for insurance and 401K in return for our team of employees giving it their all

    Offer service to our clients that is unmatched in the Lowcountry and beyond, from the moment the phone call is made until they step back on the dock after an adventure.

    Demonstrate our gratitude to groups and people doing good things by making donations, both monetarily and in-kind, to facilitate their missions

    Continue to do the next right thing, making our business decisions based on the impact it will make on our employees, the community and the environment.

    Enjoy the beautiful familyhood that we have built since 1992 of environmental advocates, kayakers, birders, explorers, paddle boarders, weekend warriors, volunteers, pirates, pluff mudders, and all-around nice people